Fixed teeth in 24 hours


The procedure 'Fixed teeth in 24 hours' managed to change the lives of patients who had no teeth at all or who had a compromised dentition, deeply affected by periodontal disease. With the help of modern equipment and advanced techniques, the procedure of inserting dental implants is extremely safe. This system involves the insertion of dental implants in one session, and the application of a temporary fixed work the next day.

The "Fixed teeth in 24 hours" procedure, on the other hand, involves the total reconstruction of the teeth. This is recommended for patients with teeth affected by periodontal disease, patients who have lost all their teeth and want fixed work, patients who have irretrievable teeth and can no longer support fixed work and denture wearers who want teeth fixed.

You should also know that restoring your teeth with the dental implant system "Fixed teeth in 24 hours" gives you fixed and beautiful teeth in just one session. The next day, after the surgery, you will receive a temporary fixed work, which you will replace after 6 months with the final work. During these months, the gums are completely restored and will be ready for the final fixed work.

Fast&Fixed Bredent


Fast&Fixed dental implant treatment is a modern, advanced procedure that promises to give you permanent teeth in the shortest possible time – just 24 hours. It is a minimally invasive and completely painless intervention that requires only two sessions at the specialist’s office. This means you won’t have to worry about future interventions or treatments.

The classic implant option usually takes about 4 months, while the Fast&Fixed system allows you to have a new set of teeth in just a few hours. Here are the steps you will need to follow to get a full oral restoration:

  • Initial consultation – The dentist will examine the oral cavity; The treatment plan – With the help of this stage, the patient can form a concrete idea about the intervention and the costs involved. The treatment plan also has a duty to clear up any misunderstandings about treatment;
  • Carrying out the necessary analyzes and CT – Additional analyzes are necessary for the doctor to fully know the situation of your particular case; The surgical procedure/the actual insertion of the dental implants – The minimally invasive and painless surgical procedure (performed under anesthesia) to insert the implants is carried out at this stage;
  • Trial and fixation of the provisional work – in this stage, the temporary fixed dental works are tried on and fixed immediately the day after the surgical intervention;
  • Recovery period (osseointegration) – The longest stage of the treatment process is healing – osseointegration, which lasts 4-6 months; in this way, a solid connection is created between the implant and the bone tissue;
  • The definitive work – After the provisional work is removed an impression is taken, the final work is made in a laboratory; it behaves like any other fixed restoration, guaranteeing superior aesthetics and full, unrestricted functionality.


Bredent Fast&Fixed (implante si dinti ficsi intr-o zi) 3.500 – 5.000 €
Lucrare definitiva pe sistemul Fast&Fixed 3.000 – 4.500 €
Implant dentar INNO (Coreea) 400 €
Coroana metalo-ceramica + bont protetic Inno 350 €
Implant dentar BREDENT (Germania) 500 €
Coroana metalo-ceramica + bont protetic Bredent 400 €
Coroana zirconiu + bont protetic Inno 450 €
Coroana zirconiu + bont protetic Bredent 500 €
Coroana intermediara metalo-ceramica 300 €
Coroana intermediara zirconiu 400 €
Sinus lift extern 600 – 800 €
Sinus lift intern 300 €
Aditie osoasa/implant 200 €
Descoperire chirurgicala/implant 150 lei


The best recommendation is you, the patients.


After I went in 6 different places in Cluj-Napoca, I chose this one to fix my front teeth, after an accident. They stayed with me until 23 pm just before Christmas, to fix my smile. I still get compliments for my smile, no one knows I wear a crown, so I'm an undercover queen.
Totul a fost perfect de fiecare dată când am fost în vizită, și am avut destule vizite în ultimul an și jumătate 😉 De la zâmbetul impecabil al fetelor de la recepție, până la profesionalismul medicilor, totul a fost la locul lor. Chiar și în aceste vremuri grele, ei au fost întotdeauna atenți la nevoile clienților și, de asemenea, au respectat toate regulile și reglementările. Cred cu adevărat că Adela Zimbran și Mihai Zimbran sunt cei mai buni din oraș. Îți mulțumesc foarte mult pentru toate eforturile de a-mi face zâmbetul și mai frumos 🙂
Ancuta Camelia
Un cabinet frumos ! Curat !! Și cu Doctori profesioniști !! Multă amabilitate !! Recomand !!!!

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