Dental veneers


Dental veneers are prosthetic works made in the form of extremely thin ceramic sheets, which are applied to the teeth in order to give them an improved appearance both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Through the treatment with dental veneers, dentists specializing in dental esthetics can correct numerous aesthetic imperfections of the smile, such as the shape and size of natural teeth, small interdental spaces, marbling, unsightly bumps on the tooth or the shade of the teeth.

In addition, with the help of DSD (digital smile design) technology, which allows previewing the final result of the treatment from the first session, each dental facet will be perfectly compatible with your physiognomy

The multidisciplinary training of the AZdent team and the innovative technology offer a guarantee of 100% success of any aesthetic rehabilitation treatment with dental veneers regardless of its complexity. Moreover, the technology ensures a correct, safe and immediate diagnosis, as well as clear information for the patient, right from the first visit.



Fateta integral ceramica feldspatica 2000 lei
Fateta integral ceramica E-max 1700 lei
Coroana integral ceramica E-max 1700 lei
Inlay/Onlay/coroana ceramica CEREC 1400 lei
Obturatie pe dinti frontali (Gradia) 400 – 600 lei
Albire profesionala cu lampa Beyond 1500 lei
Albire endodontica (interna- dinti devitali) 400 lei
Fatetare directa compozit 600 lei


Estetică dentară – Fațete ceramice
The best recommendation is you, the patients.


After I went in 6 different places in Cluj-Napoca, I chose this one to fix my front teeth, after an accident. They stayed with me until 23 pm just before Christmas, to fix my smile. I still get compliments for my smile, no one knows I wear a crown, so I'm an undercover queen.
Totul a fost perfect de fiecare dată când am fost în vizită, și am avut destule vizite în ultimul an și jumătate 😉 De la zâmbetul impecabil al fetelor de la recepție, până la profesionalismul medicilor, totul a fost la locul lor. Chiar și în aceste vremuri grele, ei au fost întotdeauna atenți la nevoile clienților și, de asemenea, au respectat toate regulile și reglementările. Cred cu adevărat că Adela Zimbran și Mihai Zimbran sunt cei mai buni din oraș. Îți mulțumesc foarte mult pentru toate eforturile de a-mi face zâmbetul și mai frumos 🙂
Ancuta Camelia
Un cabinet frumos ! Curat !! Și cu Doctori profesioniști !! Multă amabilitate !! Recomand !!!!



Smile restoration treatment with dental veneers is right for you if you want a new, completely aesthetic and functional smile. Dental veneers correct the following smile imperfections: 
  • Unsightly interdental spaces
  • Minor dental crowding
  • Staining of teeth
  • Unsightly shapes and sizes of certain teeth
  • Dental trauma or carious lesions
  • Uneven textured or asymmetrical teeth (short teeth can be elongated extremely easily)

An extra benefit of prosthetic rehabilitation with dental veneers is that through them, the doctor can correct several unaesthetic aspects of the smile, simultaneously, the treatment with dental veneers having a much shorter duration and a high degree of comfort for the patient.


Dental veneering is a quick and effective solution to achieve an aesthetic and healthy smile, as it is a personalized treatment according to the needs of each individual patient. Here are the main benefits of veneers:
  • Immediate results – in just 2 visits
  • Non-invasive procedure that does not require aggressive grinding and preserves the vitality of the teeth
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistance to stains, corrosion and possible trauma
  • Teeth in the desired shade of white
  • Imperceptible due to the natural appearance
  • Completely physiognomic – restore the aesthetics and functionality of the smile
  • They do not give sensitivity to cold or heat
  • There are no allergic reactions to the material, they are biocompatible with the body

Regarding the time resistance of dental veneers made of ceramic, studies have shown that the minimum lifespan is about 10 years, but with proper care it can be as long as 15-30 years.


For treatment with dental veneers, 2-3 visits to the prosthodontist’s office are necessary. The doctor will take intraoral photos and take the patient’s digital impression with the Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner, and with the help of digital technologies such as DSD (digital smile design), the doctor can design the patient’s final smile before the treatment begins.

Thanks to the evolution of technologies in dental aesthetics, tooth preparation for dental veneers no longer involves aggressive grinding.

Thus, the procedure by which a dental veneer is applied can be with prior preparation or without preparation (No-prep).

The preliminary preparation involves a minimally invasive grinding of the tooth enamel, in order to cement the veneer. Polishing can be done with or without local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s option.

After grinding, a digital impression of the tooth is made and sent to the dental laboratory.

Dental veneers can be made over a period of two to four weeks, during which temporary prosthetic works are applied to the teeth.

Dental veneers without preparation (No-prep) can be attached directly to the tooth without prior grinding.

A major advantage of No-prep veneers is that they prevent the occurrence of tooth sensitivity and fully preserve the tooth substance. Also, if there is enamel erosion, the Emax dental veneer (made of glass ceramic) protects the natural tooth from the attack of acids and other external factors.

After the preparation of the tooth, the cementation stage follows.

A special cement is applied to the dental veneer, which is then bonded to the tooth. The prosthodontist will then use a special light to activate the chemicals in the cement so that it hardens quickly. The final steps involve removing excess cement, checking the bite, and making any final necessary adjustments.


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